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Copyright Notice

© 2006-2009 Josefine Jönsson

>My work are under copyright law. So, You can NOT save, download, use pictures for -layouts, blogs, websites,banners, designs, posters, myspace, cd, books etc WITHOUT accessing a license from me.

Accept that my work is NOT stock photography, this means that I don't give permission for manipulating/editing my photos. If you see my work being used, please email/note me straight away.


Can I modify, use your photography for manipulations?
- No. My photography are not stock photos. I don't know how many times I have to say this. There are plenty of good stock photohgraphers out there, please look for their work!! ^^

Can I use your photos for a character when I roleplay?
- You can Not. Be creative and draw one your own. :>

Are you available for commissions?
-  South Sweden and Copenhagen

Will you make print if I request one here?
- Probably not through Deviantart. Contact me if you want to buy a print of my photos.

Are your photos available for licensing for book/cd covers etc?
- Yes they are. Please email me at if you're interested. Please note the email with "license".

Can I draw any of your photos, use them for poems..etc?
- If you'll like to draw any of my photos, please tell me. I'd like to see the result^^, and don't forget to credit me in your description.

What equipment do you use?
- I use a Canon 350d, with the kit lens, 70-300 and 50 mm.

-Nowadays I use a Canon EOS 5D with 50 F/1.4 and 85 F/1.8

Is it real blood in your photos/how do you make it?
- First off, it is not real. I've noticed that some think so because of that it looks quite realistic.
- The blood is made of syrup, soya and red caramel colour. It's cheap and it works very well, but it tastes ...well you'll notice.

Why are you into blood?
- I could write many things here, but let's keep it simple. Blood is beautiful and we need it to stay alive. There is a certain feeling about blood in art that I really love. It makes people think a little further than usual.

What font is your signature?
- I get this question a lot. My signature is handwritten by me. It's simply scanned and I put it on all of my photos.

Why do you have your signature all over your photos?
- I've had my signature at the right corner before, which didn't disturb the photo, but I've noticed it's quite easy to remove. I've found my photos being used in a way where they removed my signature and claimed it as their own, which I don't accept.

Which program do you use for editing your photos?
- I use photoshop cs4

Have you gone some photography class or are you selftaught?
- I am mainly selftaught and been photographing for three years. I go to upper secondary school where I study fashion and commercial photography at my last year.

Where can I find more photos by you?
- You can find more photos on my "Portfolio":
online portfolio

Do you take other photography than portraits?
->Yes, I also photograph nature: :iconbloddroppe-nature:

Can I add you on msn, yahoo etc?
- I do have msn and email, but it's only for close friends. If you'd like to talk to me, note me here on DeviantArt. Please respect.

Why haven't you replied to my comments, notes or mails?
- I get a lot of notes and comments, I do read all of them and try to reply to everyone. But please understand, I am only human.
If I did not replied to your note, please mail me again.

If anyone is interested in buying signed prints, please note me here or at

:bulletblack: The signature is under the photo and not over it as the signature in the thumbnails
:bulletblack: there will be postage cost in addition to the actual cost of the print.
:bulletblack: Look here to see how they look:…
:bulletblack: the marked ones in previous link are not for sale.
:bulletblack: frames do not include
:bulletblack: you do not purchase this through deviantart. email me
:bulletblack: Printed on Innova and Epson photopaper. they are from exhibits I have had.

The prints are from my exhibit a time ago:…

Some of them which I have uploaded here:
_Remind me. by josefinejonssonphoto _Life Was All a Dream. by josefinejonssonphoto _ravenblack 02. by josefinejonssonphoto _some things never change. by josefinejonssonphoto _Summer dream. by josefinejonssonphoto .departed. by josefinejonssonphoto:thumb116248135: _Remember. by josefinejonssonphoto

_dreams never fade. by josefinejonssonphoto (there is one big and small one of this one.)

The photos from my exhibit are:

:bulletblack: 17 x 22 inches
:bulletblack: 56 x 43 cm
*they're unique. I might not print these again.

and cost:
:bulletblack: 115 euro for each print
:bulletblack: 15 euro in postage cost (in europe. it think to the US and such it will be more)


I also sell the fairytale series:
these are a little smaller, still with signature under the photo:

_remember 02. by josefinejonssonphoto:thumb110100404: _remember 03. by josefinejonssonphoto _dreams never fade. by josefinejonssonphoto

:bulletblack: 16 x 20 inches
:bulletblack: 50 x 40 cm

and cost:
:bulletblack: 77 euro for each print
:bulletblack: 15 euro in postage cost. (in europe. it think to the US and such it will be more)

I am moving this summer and I won't have place over for these in my apartment. buy buy! :>
* I have the confirmations from the models to sell these.
* I'll ship the print when I've recieved the payment
* Email me for other questions.



Other sites where you can find me:

online portfolio


Have any of your models deviantart?
-Harriet Arnberg - Aoi-kochou
-Felix Frennessen King-Madness

I want to thank everyone for your lovely comments and favs. It means SO MUCH to me. :heart: